How to find out you have tooth decay

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is often caused by having too much sugary food and drink and not cleaning your teeth and gums. See a dentist as soon as possible if you think you or your child has tooth decay. Early treatment can help stop it getting worse.

Check if you have tooth decay

Tooth decay may not cause any symptoms at first.

But if it gets worse it can lead to problems, such as a hole forming in the tooth (dental cavity).

If you have a hole in your tooth you may have:

  • toothache (tooth pain)
  • sharp pain in your tooth when eating or drinking hot, cold or sweet things (sensitive teeth)
  • white, brown or black spots on your tooth

Sometimes the tooth or gum can become infected, leading to a painful build-up of pus (dental abscess).

GHMall Medical has one new dental curing light JR-CL37(H) which has the function to detect caries. The details as below:

Wide upgrade output wavelength—385-520nm
The output wavelength of normal curing models is 420-480nm, which is suitable for traditional materials containing camphorquinone
(CQ) on the market, but for the resin materials containing new photoinitiators like TPO on the market, such as some resin
repairing materials such as: Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill, Amel-ogen Plus, ENA Hri, etc., the normal curing models would be hard to
have a complete curing and the resin would fall off easily .
JR-CL37H (2020) has a new 385-420nm wavelength, which is suitable for more resin materials than normal curing lamp models.

Special design 360 Degree Curing Metal Head
360 degree rotatable curing light metal head, which ensures each tooth can be cured.
Small mouth-open during operation brings patients comfortable treatment.
Aluminum alloy metal material, not able to be broken, save the cost of maintaining.

10W light bulb with 4 in one USA chips
10W light bulb with 4 light beads
Adopting 4 in one USA chips to ensure its high power and good function.
With blue and purple light. 3 chips of them is for blue light, and one chip is specially for purple light.

Normal curing mode:
Time for choices: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s
Light intensity up to 1600 mW/cm2
It is suitable for resin filling and repairing
Super strong light curing mode:
Time for choices: 1s, 3s
It can cure 2mm resin
Light intensity up to 2500mW/cm2.
Specially suitable for orthodontic brackets, porcelain veneers and post core adhesives.



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