How to Keep a Healthy Smile Into Old Age

You’d be amazed to consider how our perception and understanding of dental health and aging have changed in such a short period of time. While dental conditions can certainly become more common in the elderly, there are many misconceptions that surround the connection between aging and our teeth.
One of the biggest myths about aging and oral health is the belief that losing teeth is a normal part of getting older. This is absolutely not true—your teeth should last you a lifetime. The status of your dentition and mouth are paramount to your overall health and will contribute to your overall longevity. Translation? If you look after your teeth, you’re looking after the rest of your body and setting yourself up for longer-lasting and far better quality health.
Long-term mismanagement of your mouth can result in chronic gum inflammation, commonly known as gingivitis (bleeding gums), that will eventually lead to the deterioration of the structures that are the foundations of your mouth and can lead to tooth loss in old age

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