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durable aluminum dental wired led curing light with adjustab

Product Name:LED Curing light- JR-CL17 Classic Wired Type

Material:All Aluminum alloy



Wave length:420-480nm

Used:Dental Clinic & Dental School

Light intensity :Three adjustable 800,1000,1200mW/cm2

Working Mode:3 modes Strong light, gradually strong and pulse mode

Dimension of package:21x16x8cm



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Shipping details:

QuantityGross WeighVolume WeightDelivery Date
21*16*8cm1pc0.35kg1kg3 days
57*35*28cm39pcs15.5kg12kg5 days

1. Two years warranty, even the battery, expect the fiber optic only.
2. Germany imported fiber.
3. Using USA imported chip, stable performance.
4. All aluminum alloy handle design.
5.Easy to connect: Connect the cable with dental chair directly, 24V or less than 24V is ok, as long as it is more than 10V. (If you need to connect with 220V, please inform before order)

1. Three adjustable working modes: Full, Ramp, Pulse
2.  Three adjustable light intensity:800,1000,1200mW/cm²
2. Different time for choices: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s ,35s,40s

Connect with 24V directly, 110V AND 220V ARE NOT ALLOWED, OTHERWISE WILL BE BURNT.

Built-in Model, especially for dental chair with 3 adjustable light intensity

Total aluminum material
The whole body are with totally aluminum material, Surface are with electroplating process, looks much more bright and elegant.
Power adapter with imported Chip
We use USA imported chip for the adapter PCB, even the outside voltage changes suddenly, the PCB will not be burnt, it will protect the PCB from over heatness and over voltage
Main PCB with USA chip
* We use USA imorted chip for the main PCB, it makes sure the whole unit work stable.* Keypress button all use Japan Omron brand, with as long as 10 million times of lifetime
Easy Connection
Connect the cable with dental chair directly, 24V or less than 24V is ok, as long as it is more than 10V.(If need connect 220V, please inform before order)
3 Adjustable Intensity
Adjustable light intensity, dentist can choose it by himself.
* P1: Low intensity 800mw/cm2
* P2: Middle intensity 1000mw/cm2
* P3: High intensity 1200mw/cm2



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