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high power blue and purple light dental light curing machine for orthodontics use

Product Name:LED Curing light- JR-CL37H(2020)

Material:Plastic & Metal/br>


Wave length:4385-520nm

Application:can cure 2mm liquid resin

Light IntensitySuper strong light curing:2500mw/cm2
Normal light curing light:1600mw/cm2

WDimension of Package:26*18*8cm



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Shipping details:

QuantityGross WeighVolume WeightDelivery Date
26*18*8cm1pc0.88kg1.5kg3 days
55*37*28cm8pcs9kgs12kgs5 days
54*51*45cm24pcs23kgs25kgs10 days
67*53*48cm34pcs32kgs35kgs15 days

1. Two years warranty, even the battery, expect the fiber optic only.
2. Constant light intensity output , it will not be effected by the battery which is full or lower.
3. High quality battery with 3-5 years lifetime.
4. One year standby time, stock for one year, can use it as normal.
5. Germany imported fiber optical material.
6. Super fast charging system, 1.5 hour fully charged.
7. Intelligent charging function, choose to charge once battery is less than 75%.
8. Using USA imported chip, stable performance.
9. High efficiency for exchange rate from electricity to light. A full charge can be used for ore than 200 times continuously.
10. Wide spectrum with 385-520nm wave length, suits for all dental resin materials.
11. Suits for orthodontics, porcelain veneer, Aesthetic resin restoration.
12. Customized 10W led bulb, using USA imported 4 in 1 chip,3 for blue light, 1 for purple light, intensity reach to 2500mW/cm2.

1. Two functions: Curing light and Caries detector
2. Two working modes:
Normal curing mode:suits for resin filling and restoration with intensity 1600mW/cm2, working time from 5s to 20s.
Super strong mode:Suites for orthodontics, porcelain veneer with intensity 2500mW/cm2, working time is 1s or 3s.

Products details:

Wide upgrade output wavelength—385-520nm
The output wavelength of normal curing models is 420-480nm, which is suitable for traditional materials containing camphorquinone
(CQ) on the market, but for the resin materials containing new photoinitiators like TPO on the market, such as some resin
repairing materials such as: Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill, Amel-ogen Plus, ENA Hri, etc., the normal curing models would be hard to
have a complete curing and the resin would fall off easily .
JR-CL37H (2020) has a new 385-420nm wavelength, which is suitable for more resin materials than normal curing lamp models.

Special design 360 Degree Curing Metal Head
360 degree rotatable curing light metal head, which ensures each tooth can be cured.
Small mouth-open during operation brings patients comfortable treatment.
Aluminum alloy metal material, not able to be broken, save the cost of maintaining.

10W light bulb with 4 in one USA chips
10W light bulb with 4 light beads
Adopting 4 in one USA chips to ensure its high power and good function.
With blue and purple light. 3 chips of them is for blue light, and one chip is specially for purple light.

Normal curing mode:
Time for choices: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s
Light intensity up to 1600 mW/cm2
It is suitable for resin filling and repairing
Super strong light curing mode:
Time for choices: 1s, 3s
It can cure 2mm resin
Light intensity up to 2500mW/cm2.
Specially suitable for orthodontic brackets, porcelain veneers and post core adhesives.



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