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hot selling dental light curing machine jr-cl37

Product Name:LED Curing light- JR-CL37H

Material:Plastic & Metal



Wave length:420-480nm

Working mode4 modes: Strong light, gradually strong, pulse and preheating mode Normal light curing light:1600mw/cm2

Light intensity :1000-1200mw/cm2

Dimension of package:24*17*11cm



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Shipping details:

QuantityGross WeighVolume WeightDelivery Date
24*17*11cm1pc0.73kg1.5kg3 days
55*37*28cm10pcs9kg12kg5 days
54*46*50cm26pcs21kg25.5kg10 days
67*53*48cm34pcs27kg35kg15 days

1. Two years warranty, even the battery, expect the fiber optic only.
2. Constant light intensity output , it will not be effected by the battery which is full or lower.
3. High quality battery with 3-5 years lifetime.
4. One year standby time, stock for one year, can use it as normal.
5. Germany imported fiber optic material.
6. Super fast charging system, 1.5 hour fully charged.
7. Intelligent charging function, choose to charge once battery is less than 75%.
8. Using USA imported chip, stable performance.
9. High efficiency for exchange rate from electricity to light. A full charge can be used for ore than 200 times continuously.

1. Four working model : Strong light, Gradually light, Pulse ,and Pre-heating .(The first 10s is with 50% power light, the rest time is full power light)
2. Working time: 5s.10s.15s,20s,25s,30s,35s,40s.


4 working program
* Strong light, curing in shortest time
* Gradually strong light, cure composite in longer time, better effect
* Pulse light, cure composite in longer time
* Preheat mode: Most suggested curing mode, cure the composite with best effect, it will be the hardest and most durable.
Super quality battery
* Super long lifetime as long as 5 years
* With double protection pcb for each end
It will make sure the battery will be not exausted even stocked for very long time, in the same time, it will extend battery life.
* 2 years warranty, if battery is with problems, we exchange new one.
High quality components
* High power LED bulb with more than 10 years lifetime
* Japan imported OMRAN brand keypress button, with more than 10 million times lifetime.
* USA imported Chip on PCB makes sure the curing light with stable perfomance.



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