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1 second light cure dental wireless dentist

Product Name:LED Curing light- JR-CL17 1S USB type




Wave length:420-480nm

Used:DDental Clinic & Dental School

Light Intensity1200mW/cm² and 1800mW/cm²

WDimension of Package:222x12x8cm



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Shipping details( under normal circumstances ):Carton

DimensionQuantityGross WeighVolume WeightDelivery Date
22*12*8cm1pc0.3kg1kg3 days
57*35*28cm45pcs15kg12kg15 days


1. Two years warranty, even the battery, expect the fiber optic only.

2. Constant light intensity output , it will not be effected by the battery which is full or lower.

3. High quality battery with 3-5 years lifetime.

4. One year standby time, stock for one year, can use it as normal.

5. Germany imported fiber optic material.

6. Super fast charging system, 1.5 hour fully charged.

7. Intelligent charging function, choose to charge once battery is less than 75%.

8. Using USA imported chip, stable performance.

9. High efficiency for exchange rate from electricity to light. A full charge can be used for ore than 200 times continuously.10. Bionic handle design.11. Charging method: With USB cable, it can be charged with any USB device.( Micro USB connection)


1. Two working modes: 

  F1: Normal Curing mode, intensity is 1200mw/cm2

F2: Fast Curing mode (Especially for Orthodontics use), intensity is 1800mw/cm22. 

Different time to choose:   

F1: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s   

F2: 1s, 3sProducts Show:

High quality with 2 years warranty
All of our dental curing light are with 2 years warranty, even for the battery, only the fiber optic tip are out of range.
Fast curing light model with 1s and 3s
This 1s curing light have 2 working programs: Fast curing light and Normal curing.
F1: Normal curing for dental composite, working time 5-30s, light intensity 1200mw/cm2
F2: Fast curing for orthodontics use only,working time 1s or 3s, light intensity 1800mw/cm2
USB type of power plug
All the 1s curing light are using new type of plug—USB plug.
So the device can be charged with any USB connector device, such as computer, mobile power box,laptop or use our own micro usb adapter to charge for it, very convenient!
There are 2 plugs for choice: Europe type and US type
Micro USB charging cable
All the curing light are with Micro USB cable to charging,much more easier and convenient
Germany fiber optic tip
All the 1s curing light are using Germany material fiber optic, more power ability to lead the light



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